How to pull the install logs using the Recovery Disk

  • Gain access to command line and find location of install logs
    1. Mount Recovery Disk
    2. Reboot System and boot to Disk

Press “Alt + F2” to get to the Command Prompt

Type “df -h” to show the available partitions.  The biggest partition should have the install logs.  In this example, its part6.

The install logs should be in the following directory /mnt/<your_install_partition>/log/install

Assign IP and Gateway to machine for network access

Type “ifconfig” to see the available interfaces.  In this case its eth0.  In CUCM/IMP 12.5 the interface may be ens160

Next type the following to set the IP address on your interface

ifconfig eth0

ifconfig eth0 netmask <netmask>

route add default gw <gateway_address> eth0

Transfer Files Using SFTP

Change the directory to the path where the install logs are located

ex: cd /mnt/part6/log/install

Next, connect to the SFTP server.  In my example I am using freeFTPd

Type in sftp sftp_username@sftp_ip

After logging in successfully with username/pw, the prompt should change to sftp

Since we changed the directory to where the install files are located, you should be able to type the following (This should grab all files in the install folder):

put *

Now go to your SFTP server and see if the files are downloaded.

To exit SFTP just type “exit”

To get back to the recovery disk prompt press “Alt + F1”

How to Grab the installdb logs

The installdb logs are in a different location.  If the install is failing at the DB compontent, you may want to pull these as well.  The location should be as follows:

  • /mnt/<your_install_partition>/log/taos-log-a/cm/trace/db/sdi

If you cannot find the installdb log then use this command to find the path:

  • find / -name installdb*

Then change the directory to the location of the installdb log and extract it with the sftp server. 


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