XMPP per IP limit CUCM 14

Last week working with a customer i ran in to an issue where all jabber user who connect through VPN where unable to login. Working with Cisco TAC, we found this is due to the new feature introduced on CUCM 14 which by default permit XMPP connection form 10 Device with same IP. You can…

Convert LDAP synced users to local user using SQL Query

Convert a single LDAP Synchronized User to Local User, use below command run sql update enduser set fkdirectorypluginconfig=NULL where userid= ‘<USER-ID>’ To convert all LDAP Synchronized User to Local User in bulk use below command run sql update enduser set fkdirectorypluginconfig=NULL where userid like ‘%’

Flex EA 20% onprem Video Device Registration license

The 20 % on prem device registration licenses included on EA doesn’t come by default. You must select additional add-ons “ video device registration” and enter the  20 % qnty  on “ on-premises video registration quantity for EA”.  On this add-on option You can only enter qnty less than or equal to 20 % of…

How to Turn OFF ungraceful Shutdown Warning

From version 12.5 SU 4 if shutting down the server ungracefully you will see WARNING: Ungraceful shutdown detected – A rebuild of this node is highly recommended to ensure no negative impact (such as configuration or file system corruption). For rebuild instructions, see the installation guide. All ungraceful shutdowns and restarts will not cause corruption….

Purple Screen on UCS 240

Two of our customer reported their UC applications stopped responding which are running on a UCS 240 . From the server console i observed below mentioned purple screen. As the message instructed we contacted Cisco TAC and they said this is due to the Power Policy of UCS 240. By default UCS 240 ships with…

How to pull the install logs using the Recovery Disk

Gain access to command line and find location of install logs Mount Recovery Disk Reboot System and boot to Disk Press “Alt + F2” to get to the Command Prompt Type “df -h” to show the available partitions.  The biggest partition should have the install logs.  In this example, its part6. The install logs should…

Non Defined IMS Exception after upgrade

Last few weeks i was busy migrating multiple clusters across this region. Post migration couple of clusters throw me the message “Non Defined IMS Exception” when i enter the username and password. Its a Bug (CSCvp43563 ) which you need to work with TAC. Before you work Cisco TAC, follow the below steps and copy the…


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