UC Threats

When checking with a security consultant regarding Common UC Threats, He replied, its of least priority topic for companies. So he never bother about UC securitiy. I was surprised by his reply. UC threats are also Critical. On Today’s blog i share some common UC threat… Eavesdropping: Eavesdropping is the act of secretly or stealthily…

Thank you Feedspot

I am so happy to share that Crazy Networking has been selected as one of the Top 70 Computer Networking Blogs and Websites in 2021. What’s Feedspot. Feedspot is content Reader. You can keep up with multiple websites in one place without visiting  each website to see what’s new Click to Access Feedspot

G3 Fax Protocols

Modern fax communication is based on the Group 3 (G3) fax standard, which is composed of the ITU-T specifications of T.30, T.4, and T.6 T.30 details the signaling, T.4 specifies the Modified Huffman (MH) and Modified Read (MR) encoding methods, and T.6 covers Modified Modified Read (MMR) Basic G3 Fax Transaction The optional Called Subscriber…

Expressway Smart Licensing

Nowadays, almost all Cisco products are smart Licensing capable. From version 12.6, expressway support Smart licensing. We are familiar with Expressway options key and release keys infrastructure. With new releases we no more need option keys except the below (still needed). Below option Keys work on both Traditional and Smart licensing mode. Note:- Single licensing…

Webex Meeting Role Cheatsheet

Its a common question people ask about meeting, what are the roles and what each roles does in a meeting. Use below cheatsheet for different roles in Webex meetings. Apart from the above, other two more roles are available . Note Taker: A single note taker can publish notes at any time during the meeting or…

Change PLM User/Password

Changing Username and password is a common request from our clients. Today’s blog is all about the PLM user/password options. How to change username /password and unlock the admin account . Change PLM Password Use below command to change your PLM password. license management reset user password Change PLM Username Use below command to change…

Robocalls and STIR/SHAKEN

This could be a new topic for many of us in gulf region. A robocall is a recorded message delivered in the form of a telephone call. The caller is not a real person, but a machine, and the system uses automatic dialing to reach your number. What is STIR/SHAKEN? STIR/SHAKEN is a framework that…

For secure signaling & media , do we need mixed mode ?

Security is a major concern for every organization. But when it comes to UC security many organizations are less concerned . Some major changes happened with UCM security . Today’s blogs is all about comparing the UCM security and the changes with different CSR revision. We all are familiar with UCM Non Secure and Mixed…

CUCM Certificate Regeneration Cheatsheet

Its a common doubt which comes to everyone’s mind when regenerating the UCM certificates. When regenerating a certificate whats the risk involved, what services need to be restarted ,do we need to restart the phone or not etc… Refer below mentioned cheatsheet during such situation . And this was shared on Cisco Live presentation. The…

FXS port SIP Registration with CUCM

MGCP or SCCP, these are the two protocols which comes to our mind when are asked to register a VG or FXS port on CUCM. But now Its not just MGCP or SCCP. We can register the FXS port’s using SIP protocols. If below requirements met, you can register your VG/FXS ports using SIP protocol….


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