Webex Cohost

Two days back, my friend send us a meeting invite. Dues to some reason he was not available for the meetings and he didn’t assign a cohost. So participants where waiting at the lobby with no option to join the meeting.

Whats a cohost

I took the below lines from webex help Center .

If the host is running late or can’t attend, a cohost can start and manage the meeting or webinar in their place. Cohosts can also assist the host with meeting management, which is useful for larger meetings. If the host is not in the meeting, a cohost assumes the host role until the original host joins.

Cohost Options while scheduling the meetings.

when you schedule a meeting from your personal site , you can see the below cohost options under the advanced options. Choose the one which match your requirement.

How to assign a cohost for a scheduled meeting.

For a scheduled meeting You can assign cohost from below option.

Note:- you can assign only assign a cohost if he has an account on your webex site. You cannot assign an outside person as cohost from you webex site.

For an external participant, assign cohost option will be grayed out.

Can i make an external user a cohost?

Yes , you can make an external user a cohost during the meeting from participants list. Select the participant from list, right click e and you will see the below option to make some one a cohost.


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