ISE Upgrade Readiness Tool (URT)

Use the URT in order to detect and fix any configuration data upgrade issues before you start the upgrade process. Most of the upgrade failures occur because of configuration data upgrade issues. The URT validates the data before the upgrade in order to identify, and report or fix the issue, wherever possible. The URT is available as a separate downloadable bundle that can be run on a Secondary Policy Administration node or standalone node. There is no downtime to run this tool.


  • URT tool cannot be run on a Primary Administration Node.
  • URT should be run on Secondary Administration Node or a standalone node.

These are the prerequisites that are checked by the URT:

  • Version compatibility
  • Persona checks
  • Disk space

Note: Verify the available disk size with Disk Requirement Size. If you are required to increase the disk size, reinstall ISE and restore a config backup.

  • NTP server
  • Memory
  • System and trusted certificate validation

Download the URT bundle.

Create a repository

Create a Repository and keep the URT Bundle. Preferred is FTP protocol.

Run the URT Bundle.

application install ise-urtbundle- up

The warning talks about the services that are running on the node and if the user would still like to continue running the URT on this node. Type Y in order to proceed as shown in the image.

You might notice that sometimes the URT age is old. As long as the bundle is the latest one downloaded from Cisco’s website, it is ok to proceed further. The latest URT bundles can also be more than 45 days old. Type Y in order to proceed.

URT Run is Successful

If the URT runs successfully, the output is similar to this:


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