Use Slido for making your meeting interactive.

Last week during a meeting i found host struggling to collect answers to his questions.Host was using chat option for his Quiz.

I thought of wiritng this blog to make my community aware about the Slido.

Whats Slido

Sldio is an easy to use Q& A and polling platform.

How to get it.

Its free with Webex.

How to Use it with meeting..

  • You can create a quiz or poll from the slido website and use it during the event.
  • Or Create a quiz or poll during the meeting.

Creating a quiz From Slido Website.

  • login to slido using your webex credentials.

  • Select + Create Slido
  • Give a name, start date and click on create slido
  • For polls select Live polls option and for Q&A choose Audience Q&A
  • Since I am making a Quiz, I chose Live polls and Quiz option.
  • Add Questions.
  • select the answers
  • Enable timer if you need. I choose 30 second for participants to answer the question
  • To see the winners select “Show Leaderboard” option.
  • Save the Quiz
  • You can see the saved Poll on you Slido portal.

How to use the Slido Quiz during the meeting.

  • From webex meeting App select the Apps icon
  • This will display available Apps, Select Slido.

  • You will see an option to select an existing Slido or create a new Slido.
  • To use the slido which we created , select the Slido TEST.
  • To start the Quiz, elect RUN button.
  • Share the Slide QR code and password by slecting presenter option.

Share the QR code during the meeting or participants will get the notification to join the slido quiz when they join the meeting.

  • Wait till all participants join the Slido.
  • Then start the Quiz by selecting “Start Quiz” option.
  • You can see if the statics
  • Participants can see the Leader Board.
  • At the end of all Question, winner will be displayed as below.
  • To create a new Slido poll or Quiz from the meeting App use ” Create new Slido” option

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