ISE Portal Builder

We technical guys can easy figure out the backend system just by seeing the webpage design. For ISE, Cisco provide us Web page designing tool called ISE portal Builder .

So for you next ISE deployment instead of using default Portal, Design one for your customer.

How to accès ISE portal Builder.

You can access the builder from

Sign in Using your Cisco ID.

Click on Create New to Build a Portal.

Make use of available Template to design a new portal.

I am using Template 2 and Creating this for Guest Hotpot. Add a name and choose the portal Type and ISE version.

Customise you Logo and Acceptance Policy

Click on Your LOGO and select replace, A popup windows opens. You can select already uploaded files or a new file can be uploaded using Upload Image Option.

If you need to replace the Background image, select the background space and you will see option to replace.

Choose the image.

You can see the new portal Background.

Lets Export the Portal Using Export Option.

To upload exported portal to ISE we need ISEPB Upload & Config Tool. Tool is available for both MAC and Windows.

In the next blog I will share the details how to upload the portal to ISE and make use it in policy.


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