Flex 3 Licenses

Flex license is still a confusing topic for may of us . Question like, How to compare with old license, Which license are included with NU, Which license to choose when selecting a 78XX phone model , what are the benefits of each license type etc..

Today blog is all about the Flex 3 license.

License Mapping

Comparing old and new license model.

  • The new Professional license is equivalent to old UWL standard and Enhanced Plus
  • New Enhanced License is equivalent to Old enhanced License
  • New Access License is equivalent to Old Essential and Basic.


Named User tier

Devices support with each license type

  • If you have multiple devices and voicemail you need, A-Flex-3 Professional License
  • If you have only one device( 7841, Jabber, 88XX,79XX etc..), you need A-Flex-3 Enhanced License
  • If you have only device(Analogue, 7821,7811,3905 etc..), You needA-Flex-3 Access License

Enterprise Agreement(EA)

If the number of users are more than 250, EA will be the best choice.

Benefits of EA

•20% Growth Allowance

The best entitlements in the industry – for every Knowledge Worker, receive:

•50% Enhanced licenses

•20% Access licenses

•100% Cloud Registered Video Devices

•20% Premises Registered Devices

•Pro Pack

•Meetings Suite*
*with EA Meetings or EA Calling + Meetings

Additional add-ons can be purchased:

•Teams Messaging

•Voice Mail/Unity Connection

•Enhanced or Access Licenses


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