Cisco Collaboration SaaS NFR

Being a Cisco Collaboration Partner, dont forget to make use of the SaaS NFR promotion. If you are using any third party meeting solution move to Webex using SaaS promotion. Show the capabilities of Webex to your customer.

Being a Level1 partner we recently placed order for $125K worth of Webex License for 0$.

What are the benefits of SaaS Promotions.

For existing Cisco Unified Workspace Partners (CUWP).

Existing CUWP partners, please refer to the NFR Collaboration SaaS Track Guide and other documentation for more information.

For Level 1

You need just Collaboration SaaS Specialization to become level 1 and you are entitled to purchase $125K of SaaS license.

Collaboration SaaS Specialization Requirements

The personnel requirements identified below are the minimum to qualify for the Cisco Collaboration SaaS Specialization Program. Individuals filling these roles must be in the same country in which the Authorization Partner is fulfilling the requirements of the Customer Collaboration SaaS Authorization Program.   Also note that if an Authorisation Partners should lose an individual that is filling one of these roles, the Partner has 30 days to notify Cisco of the non-compliance and 90 days to train and certify the replacement.

The Cisco Collaboration SaaS Specialization Program has two roles. The roles are:

  • 1 x Account Manager Role (AM)
  • • 1 x Presales Engineer Role (SE)  

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