How do I Size UC servers

Sizing is a part of UC engineers JOB role. it may be for a deployment, or a presales presentations, or may be for preparing a LLD document etc..

Sizing UC servers is easy with Cisco’s Sizgin tool. Many of us might have used Collaboration Sizing Tool (CST). This tool has been decommissioned and Quote Collab replaced CST. The Quote Collab I not just a server sizing tool it can also be used for sizing a complete UC solution. Todays blog is all about Sizing Servers.

Click to access Quote Collab

To size your UC Servers, select Get started on Server Only.

You will get a page where you can drag and drop the server models,UC applications, You can even build Custom Servers.

Example:- I am doing a sizing for below applications on three BE7K H servers.

  • CUCM Publisher
  • CUCM Subscriber
  • CUC Primary
  • CUC Secondery
  • IM Publisher
  • IM Subscriber
  • Expressway E
  • Expressway C
  • CUAC
  • Vmware Version 7.0

PDF file exported from Quote Collab.


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