Cisco Collaboration Virtualization

How to make sure that I am on the recommended Vmware version when installing/upgrading UC applications. Cisco Collaborations Virtulization portal is the Place where you get tested vmware version for all UC applications.

Cisco Collaboration virtualization

Click to access Cisco Collaboration Virtualization.

Select your applications and it takes you to the specific product hardware requirements page.

I have selected CUCM and it took me to below page.

You can see that for CUCM version 14 Supported Versions of VMware vSphere ESXi= 6.7, 7.0 U1.

At this point some might ask , can I install CUCM 14 on 7.0 U2 ? My answer will be not recommended.

Version mentioned on the Cisco collaborations virtualization are tested by Cisco and 7.0 U2 is not tested yet . so its highly recommend that we need to be on the version mentioned on the Guide.

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