Cisco Collaboration Virtualization

How to check the UC virtualization support. Virtualization support varies by CSR releases. Cisco Collaboration virtualization is the place where you can check Vmware compatibility

Cisco Collaboration virtualization

Click to access Cisco Collaboration Virtualization.

Select your applications and it takes you to the specific product hardware requirements page.

For example i choose CUCM and it took me the CUCM Supported Vmware version.

You can see that for CUCM version 14 Supported Versions of VMware vSphere ESXi= 6.7, 7.0 U1.

At this point some might ask , can I install CUCM 14 on 7.0 U2 ?

You can.

ESXi maintenance releases within a supported ESXi major/minor (e.g. within “6.7”, “6.7 U2”): all are supported unless otherwise indicated. Application versions with known incompatibilities will specify in their technical documentation if they do not support certain ESXi maintenance releases, or if they require a minimum maintenance release, or if they only support “up to” a certain maintenance release.


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  1. aslödkfj says:

    That’s not true with maintenance releases like U2:

    “A Cisco Collaboration app will only specify a MAXIMUM maintenance release if there are known incompatibilitites. To date this has never been the case, so if the hardware vendor supports it, it is allowed even if unlisted. Cisco recommendation is to use the latest Maintenance release supported by the hardware vendor.”


    1. Thanks for points this. You are right.

      I got confused with the statement “ESXi major/minor releases (e.g. “6.5”, “6.7”, “7.0”): supported releases will be explicitly listed. Unlisted versions are not tested or supported


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