CUCM Data Export

As mentioned in my previous blogs, Fresh install of CUCM, IM applications can be done using data export from old cluster.

Fresh install with Data export are supported by 12.5Su5/14+ versions and supported source release are 10.5, 11.5, 12.5, 14.

In this blog I explain how to export the data from an old cluster to SFTP which can be used for Fresh install. To learn more about Touch less VM instalaltion please Refer my previous blog Touchless VM installation .

Required COP File

ciscocm.DataExport_v1.0.cop.sgn   cop file is available on cisco portal for downloads. Install this cop file on the source cluster.

CLI Data Export Command

utils system upgrade dataexport initiate

This command exports the nodes configuration and user data to a remote SFTP server, for use in a later fresh install with data import.

Syntax Description

Export Data DirectoryRemote directory
Remote Server Name or IPRemote SFTP
Remote Server Login IDUsername of remote server
Remote Server PasswordPassword for remote server
New HostnameDestination hostname
New IP AddressDestination IP

Command Modes

Administrator (admin:)


Command privilege level: 1

Allowed during upgrade: Yes

Applies to: Unified Communications Manager, IM and Presence Service on Unified Communications Manager

Data Export Running on MY lab.

admin:utils system upgrade dataexport initiate

Warning: The data export process would take anywhere between a few minutes to about 30 minutes to complete. This export time depends on the data configuration and network speed. Pressing Ctrl+C will abort the data export process.

Warning: Before upgrading the cluster Cisco recommends installing the latest Upgrade Readiness COP file. Refer to the Upgrade Guide on for details.


Export Data Directory :

Input validation failed. Invalid SFTP directory. Please provide absolute path of the SFTP directory.

Export Data Directory :


Remote Server Name or IP :

Input validation failed. Given remote server10.11.50.150 not in correct format

Remote Server Name or IP :

Remote Server Login ID :


Remote Server Password :


Enter details of the destination node that will import the current node’s exported data

New Hostname :


New IPAddress :

SFTP Directory=/, SFTP Server=, SFTP Username=cisco, Destination host=testcucm, Destination ip=

Would you like to proceed with export (yes/no):


Data export in progress……

Tar the file……

Tar successful

Copying the export data to remote server

Successfully copied the export data to remote server under the directory //cluster-


2 Comments Add yours

  1. islamlashin says:

    Thanks bro
    what about the data import
    is there a command for that ?


    1. you need to install the cop to support the command. After you install the COP from cli you will see utils system upgrade datexport command


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