Enable-sha512 COP File

What this COP file provides:
This COP file provides support for sha512 signed ISO and COP files for CUCM, CUC, CER, PLM, IM&P, and PCD versions that do not contain the support natively. The following table contains the minimum version number where sha512 support is natively included. If your current running version is lower than the number in the table, you will need to install the COP file in order to enable sha512 support.

Important Notes:
Applying the COP multiple times will not cause any issues; if installed more than once, the installation will exit without making any changes to the system.
NOTE: Attempting the COP file install on a system that already has the fix will result in the following message being displayed:
Installation of ciscocm.enable-sha512sum-2021-signing-key-v1.0.cop.sgn failed
Copstart script of ciscocm.enable-sha512sum-2021-signing-key-v1.0.cop failed
It is unnecessary to reboot system if cop install fails. You could check the messaging above the reboot not required message to see the specific reason for the “failure”.

Installation Instructions:
Caution The updates applied with this COP cannot be uninstalled


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