Flex EA 20% onprem Video Device Registration license

The 20 % on prem device registration licenses included on EA doesn’t come by default.

You must select additional add-ons “ video device registration” and enter the  20 % qnty  on “ on-premises video registration quantity for EA”.  On this add-on option You can only enter qnty less than or equal to 20 % of  the KW. CCW will not allow you to enter qnty more than 20 %.

Once you do so,  your BOQ will include  A-FLEX-P-DEV part number for 0 $ as mentioned below.

  1. Select Addon-ons

  1. Enter Qnty less than or equal to 20 % of KW. you cannot enter qnty more than 20% of EA KW.

  1. Now your BOQ will have on prem license part number included


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