Activation Code

Activation is a single use 16 digit code a user must enter on the phone while registering the phone. Using activation code An administration can provision the phone without collecting the mac address. Activation cod can be used to prison a large number of phones, a single phone, or even to re-register existing phones

Activation codes provide the following benefits:

  • Onboarding using activation codes ensures that all newly provisioned phones or untrusted phones have their Manufacturing Installed Certificate (MIC) assessed and verified by Unified Communications Manager.
  • No need to manually enter actual MAC addresses. Administrators can use dummy MAC addresses and the phone updates the configuration automatically with the real MAC address during registration.
  • No need to deploy an IVR, such as TAPS, to convert phone names from BAT to SEP.

Phone users can obtain their activation codes via the Self-Care Portal, provided the Show Phones Ready to Activate enterprise parameter is set to True. Otherwise, administrators must provide the codes to phone users.

Onboarding Process Flow in

Following is the process flow for onboarding new phones via activation codes when dummy MAC addresses are used:

  • Administrator sets the configuration to require the user to enter an activation code for onboarding.

Activate the Device activation Service

Chane the Device Default from Auto registration to Activate Code.

  • Administrator provisions and configures the phone. If dummy MAC addresses are being used, the administrator does not enter the actual MAC address.

View Activation Code.

Administrator can use View Activation Code from the phone page to view and share the code with users

Activation Code from self care Portal.

User can get the code from the selfcare portal.

Enter the Code on Phone.

For the below example, i use the camera to scan the QR code.


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