Cisco Security Advisories On Webex App

Cisco Security Advisories provide detailed information about security issues that directly involve Cisco products and require an upgrade, fix, or other customer action. Security Advisories are used to disclose vulnerabilities with a Critical, High, or Medium Security Impact Rating.

We can have these Updated on our Webex APP. Today’s blog is about how to setup your app to get vulnerability updates on your Webex APP.


Create a space with a name of your desire. Add Rss bot to the space.

Click on RSS bot , a 1:1 space will open.Click on Manage Feed.

Once you click on manage Feeds, you will get a message from RSS Bot with a link.

The link is valid for 10 mins, Click here will take you to RSS BOT management page.

Choose the Space which we created above and click on “+”

Provide a notification name and paste the below RSS FEED URL And click save.

That’s it,You will start getting the vulnerabilities on the space which we created.


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