RSS Bot on Webex App

Add RSS bot to a webex space and get instant updates on any web feeds. The Bot can be added for direct messaging or on a group space.

Lets see how to add RSS bot on you Webex APP.

I created a space called TEST.

To add the RSS Bot, Go to Webex App Hub and search RSS or use below URL.

If not login to webex, You will see Login to add app Or you will see Add Bot.

Click on Login to add

Enter your Webex credentials.

Click on Add Bot.

To add the bot for direct messaging, select Direct message or select Group space to add the bot on a space. Since I am adding this bot to a space, i selected Group Space.

Once Group space selected, you will get another POP up windows showing all available spaces on your webex app. Select the space you want and Click on ADD

Once added you will see RSS Bot on your space.

In the next blog i will explain how to add rss feeds using RSS BOT.


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  1. Very impressive and detailed article shared. Interesting and informative post thanks for share with us.


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