A- Flex Licenses are Agnostic

Cisco released EOL for perpetual License and now everything is Flex. With the Flex licensing ,Cisco removed the License versions locks. Means, you can use your flex license with any versions. But there are few points which you need to keep in mind.

We recently purchased 26 flex license for our Lab CUCM and we also had some perpetual license with us. You can see the difference from the below image. Old Perpetual license are version specific and The new 26 Flex license have no versions mentioned.

But I noticed that my flex licenses are not getting consumed but its substituting the lower tier perpetual license.

So why Flex license are not Consumed

When preparing the BOQ, you might have noticed that even with flex we need to select the UC version. And For the above order we choose version 14 and the installed version was 12.X.

From the above image You can see that the flex license are not consumed and its substituting the Enhanced License 12.X license. Because The flex License will only get consumed if the installed version is 14.

But if the installed version is lower than the license version, Flex license will substitute those license to lower tier if required .

So next time when you see similar output with your Smart account don’t get Panic. Flex license are agnostic !!


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