Move to Type 9 password

Its highly recommended to replace your type 5 and 7 passwords with type 9 passwords.

Many of us are aware that type 5 and type 7 passwords can be decrypted using online tools but many still not. Todays blog is all about configuring type 9 password.

You can try decrypting type 5 and 7 password using below link. You can find many links over the google.

Type 9

Example :

R1(config)#ena algorithm-type scrypt secret cisco

R1(config)#do sh run | i enable

enable secret 9 $9$WnArItcQHW/uuE$x5WTLbu7PbzGDuv0fSwGKS/KURsy5a3WCQckmJp0MbE

Example :

R1(config)# username demo9 algorithm-type scrypt secret cisco

R1# show running-config | inc username

username demo9 secret 9 $9$nhEmQVczB7dqsO$X.HsgL6x1il0RxkOSSvyQYwucySCt7qFm4v7pqCxkKM


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