Change ANI to Last/First redirect – SNR

When placing a PSTN call, if you send calling information other than your DID block. Most ISP drop the call or translate this to your DID pilot number. They does this for Billing Purpose.

For such scenario instead of using Originator we need to use Last redirecting information. My previous blog was about how to send Last/First redirecting for Forwarding calls. The same applies to SNR. But in addition to that we need to enable a service parameter to use the gateway Calling information.

Calling Party Selection

For gateway to send Last/First calling instead of Originator, Go to gateway then to Call Routing Information – Outbound Calls configuration section and select last/First redirecting External for Calling Party Selection

Service parameter for SNR to use the above gateway setting.

SystemService Parameterselect the publisherCisco CallManager (Active) and look for “Honor Gateway or Trunk Outbound Calling Party Selection for Mobile Connect Calls” – This parameter needs to be set to TRUE. By default this will be FALSE.

The above mentioned changes will send calling information as my DID number. Now ISP accept the call and process it.


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