Floppy Disk using Mac/Linux

We all know Touchless UC installation require floppy disk. Using MAC/Linux, floppy disk can be natively created without a need of any third party applications.

note:- To know more about touchless UC installations refer Call Manger Touchless VM Installation

  • Create a folder containing the contents of the floppy disk you are about to create. For example:

mkdir cucmfloppy

cp clusterConfig.xml cucmpubfloppy/

cp platformConfig.xml cucmpubfloppy/

  • Next, use the hdiutil command to create the floppy image from that folder

hdiutil create -size 1440k -fs "MS-DOS FAT12" -layout NONE -srcfolder floppyroot -format UDRW -ov floppy.dmg 

  • And finally, rename the file to .flp so VMware will recognize it.

 mv floppy.dmg floppy.flp

  • Later, if you need to mount that .flp on MacOS, you can also do that with hdiutil:

hdiutil attach floppy.flp


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