Expressway Smart Licensing

Nowadays, almost all Cisco products are smart Licensing capable. From version 12.6, expressway support Smart licensing.

We are familiar with Expressway options key and release keys infrastructure. With new releases we no more need option keys except the below (still needed). Below option Keys work on both Traditional and Smart licensing mode.

Note:- Single licensing mode is support by Expressway, Either Smart or Traditional .

Note:- If you switch to smart licensing, to revert back to Traditional licensing you need a factory reset .

How to Configure

Step 1. Navigate to Maintenance > Smart licensing tab

Step 2. Turn Smart licensing “On” > Click on Save

Verify Device shows Unregistered to CSSM or Satellite.

Step 3. Choose Transport settings under licensing page, as per your smart licensing deployment model. 

  • Direct : Connects to cloud directly
  • Satalite : On-Premise solution which talks directly to CSSM
  • Proxy : https Proxy

For Direct Model Choose Direct and Save. Check Do not share my hostname or IP address with Cisco.If your security policy don’t allow to share information to cloud.

Step 4. Create a token on CSSM

Step 5. Paste the token and click Register

Note: Ensure Cisco Expressway has connection is open towards cloud as highlighted below

Verify if Instance is Registered Sucessfully

For Mediated Deployment Model

Step 1. Choose Cisco Smart Software Manager On-Prem and Save

Step 2. Update the CSSM onprem URL, Enter correct URL

Step 3. Access onprem CSSM and generate a token

Step 4. Paste the token on  click register

Instance is in process of registering

Status shows registered.


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