Links to Cisco UC Tools

Have you ever thought of place where you get links to all Cisco UC tools.

I am trying to make such a place, link to all UC tools with a small brief . I will keep updating the list and if i miss something let me know…

Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) is a web-based, integrated services website, that enables partners to: Register deals. Configure and price products, software and related services. Submit orders from a single Workspace

Open CCW-Tool

CCWR:- Tool to create new or renew Technical Services (TS) and software subscription (Term-and-Content) quotes, submit approved orders, and manage your contracts.

Open CCW-R-Tool

Cisco Quote Collab :- Its a great tool for collaboration. Tool where you can do UC server sizing, prepare estimate, make presentation, etc.. you can even Import estimate to CCW. its a frednly UC design tool.

Open Quote-Collab-Tool

My Cisco Entitlements :- My Cisco Entitlements (MCE) gives you complete, real time visibility into your Cisco investments, all in one platform.Its a replacement of PUT tool.

Open MCE-Tool

Traditional Licensing :- This link will be useful if you are still handling some traditional licensing.

Open Traditional Licensing

Software Download :- Download new software or updates to your current software

Open Software Download

Smart Software Licensing :- Track and manage Smart Software Licenses.

Open Smart Software Licensing

Collaboration Solutions Analyzer (CSA) :- CSA combines the the functionality of multiple tools that allow you to troubleshoot and validate your Cisco Collaboration deployments

Open CSA

Log Analysis :- Upload logs files from Collaboration product for analysis, cross-product communication flow visualisation and automated issue detection.

Open Log analysis

CollabEdge validator :- Verify your Mobile and Remote Access (MRA) feature configuration by simulating the Jabber over MRA communication from our tool to your network.

Open CollabEdge validator

SRV checker: – Verify external DNS configuration for your domain and perform network connectivity tests to your edge components.

Open SRV checker

B2B call tester :- Call in from SIP endpoint or over WebRTC to a temporary CMS space or be called to your URI to test B2B calls.

Open B2B call tester

Dialed Number Analyzer for CUBE:- This tool validates Dial-Plan configurations of CUBEs (Cisco Unified Border Elements) and simulates CUBE call routing and CUBE number manipulation.

Open Dialed Number Analyzer for CUBE

Voice Codec Bandwidth Calculator:- Provides information on how to calculate the bandwidth required for packet voice calls. Bandwidth calculation is an important factor to consider when designing and troubleshooting packet voice networks for good voice quality.

Open Voice Codec Bandwidth Calculator

Log Advisor: – Log Advisor takes a scenario-based approach to guide you to the relevant step-by-step action plan and available tools for a given issue.

Open Log Advisor


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