Intelligent Proximity

Cisco Intelligent proximity allow us to connect, control, share content with Cisco Video devices wirelessly. If we go through the proximity data sheet we see two terms, one is Intelligent Proximity for Mobile Voice and second Intelligent Proximity for Content Sharing. Is it the same ? The answer is NO.

Whats Intelligent Proximity for Mobile Voice

You can pair your Apple and Android devices with Cisco IP Phones 8800 and Cisco Webex Rooms devices via Bluetooth and it allow to use your desk phone much like a headset or even car stereo does.

Intelligent Proximity for Content Sharing

Using intelligent proximity app on mobile devices we can view and can save snapshots of shared content.Using laptops paired with the Rooms devices, we can wirelessly share content on the device, share the laptop screen.

How Intelligent Proximity works

The Cisco Proximity application is pairing to the system using “ultrasound” where it receives details on how to connect to the endpoint over HTTPS. This requires the device (PC / Mac / Android / iOS device) to be connected to a network where the system is reachable over HTTPS.

Intelligent prolixity communication with an On Prem registered endpoints

Where to download

For mobile devices we can download it from App store and for Windows/MAC it can also be downloaded from the below link.

How to View Presentation on devices

Open the APP


Device Connected with Video Endpoint

View Presentation

Share Screen Wirelessly

On the Next Blog under video endpoint category i will explain how to install the Proximity APP/Applications and use it on Windows/MAC/APPLE/ANDROID.


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