Trying Brute Force using Kali

Loaded Kali Linux on my new Raspberry Pi 4 to start learning some hacking tools. My first brute force(dictionary) attack I decided to try it on lab FTP server. I know the username but I need to get the password for FTP server.

I use hydra tool on Kali to crack the password. As I know the username I am going to provide only the password list.

Rockyou.txt contains 14,341,564 unique passwords, used in 32,603,388 accounts. Kali Linux provides this dictionary file as part of its standard can find it on usr/share/wordlists folder.

Rock you file come in gz format and u need to unzip the roxkyou.txt.gz using below command.

sudo gzip -d rocky.txt.gz

if you need to see the file, you can use below command.

cat Rockyou.txt

with the below command I try to hack my FTP server.

sudo hydra -l username -P rocky.txt


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