Export Costing sheet from CCW

As a Presales Consultant one thing I hate to do was costing sheet

Depending on the size of the BOQ, it take hours of work for just one costing sheet. Copying CCW BOQ to Costing template. it’s a boring acctivity.

When started learning Devenet, the first thing which came to my mind was developing a script who does this job. Accidentally when looking in to the CCW I found an option called Custom Template. I thought of trying the custom template, before staring working on a script. spending one day on CCW, I could make a template and with just one click I export the costing sheet from CCW with margin, discounts etc applied.

If you work in a company where you are the one who design BOQ, prepare costing with margin, discounts etc. you can try the below which make ur life easy.

To start making a custom template you need to download the existing template from CCW .

Step 1

Download a Sample template and save as it as Microsoft Excel Template(.xlt). If no files has been uploaded you can see a Sample Template on your CCW. To download the file, Double click on file name.

Step 2

Modify the downloaded template as per your need. Basic instructions and rules are outlined in the help sheet.Below mentioned is the one which I modified. Group name can also be displayed on the costing sheet if Line items are grouped on CCW.

Step 3

Save the modified template as Microsoft Excel Template (.xlt)

Step 4

Upload the modified template using Upload Template.

Template in action.


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