Welcome message for the Direct Console User Interface (DCUI)-BE6K/7K

We can customize our BE6K/7k welcome message . Below mentioned welcome message is one which i used on my lab. its a good practice to customize the Welcome message and not to use the default one. This will help you to identify the applications installed. In this Topic i share with you the script and the steps to apply this custom script.

{bgcolor:black}{color:white} Cisco Business Edition 6000 ESXi Version: {esxversion}

Below Mentioned Applications are installed on this server

Engineer Installed :- Nithin Eluvathingal

*** WARNING ***
This server and applications running on this server MUST be shut down before removing power.
Failure to shut down gracefully may result in data loss.


F2> Customize System/View Logs Shut Down/Restart Server
You can access this server from web http://{ip}/

Please refer to the Business Edition 6000 Installation Guide for further information on how to use these products:www.cisco.com/go/be6kig {/color}{/bgcolor}

bgcolor:black , you can change the colour to match your requirement. This command will change the text background color. in this script i use black colour as the background.

{color:white} This command will define the text colour.

{esxversion} This command will automatically identify the version of ESXI installed. So even upgraded, it will display the version properly.

http://{ip}/ This command identify the ip address and will display on the console.

You need to customise the message asper your requirment. You need to play with the spacing between the script so that you will have the messages in right place.

Where to apply this script

  • Login to Vmware.
  • Go to Mange >> Advance Setting
  • Select Annotation and click Edit option
  • A popup window will open. paste the string which you created on the string box.
  • And Save it.


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