No More .0 and .5 Mainline Releases

If you are expecting CUCM 14.5 , there is no more Minor version (Long Life Releases).From version 14 you will be moving to V15. But Service Updates(SU’s) will be released. So if you have any plan to upgrade your CUCM, don’t wait for 14.5

MRA Login Troubleshoot

Troubleshooting steps for MRA login issues with for an on-prem IM-Presence Self service options ==================== – Navigate to Collaboration Solutions Analyzer and use the ‘CollabEdge Validator’ tool to validate the mobile and remote access feature.  – When applicable, please verify that Jabber services are working fine internally (directly connected to Cisco Unified Communications Manager and IM and…

CUCM Data Export

As mentioned in my previous blogs, Fresh install of CUCM, IM applications can be done using data export from old cluster. Fresh install with Data export are supported by 12.5Su5/14+ versions and supported source release are 10.5, 11.5, 12.5, 14. In this blog I explain how to export the data from an old cluster to…

Enable-sha512 COP File

What this COP file provides:This COP file provides support for sha512 signed ISO and COP files for CUCM, CUC, CER, PLM, IM&P, and PCD versions that do not contain the support natively. The following table contains the minimum version number where sha512 support is natively included. If your current running version is lower than the…

Sunsetting H323 from IOS

Many years have passed since the introduction of H.323, and the standard was gradually developing. 7 versions have been released since 1996, when H.323 standard was approved by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to promote interoperability and consistency in video conference transmissions over IP networks. The first version was rather poor, because its only goal…

Supported Upgrade Paths and COP Files for CUCM/IM 14

The following table highlights supported upgrade paths to upgrade to Release 14 of Cisco Unified Communications Manager and the IM and Presence Service. It also lists the upgrade paths that require COP files. You must install COP files on each node before you begin an upgrade using the Cisco Unified OS Admin interface, or before…

CUCM Set Password Options

I like to share some password options which can be set for CUCM/IM/Unity set password complexity minimum-length This command modifies the value of minimum password length for the OS administration accounts. set password complexity minimum-length max-repeat Note:- Use this command after you enable the character complexity of passwords. Command Modes Administrator (admin:) Requirements Command privilege…

Reset CUCM OS Admin & Security Password

This blog describes how to change or reset OS admin password and security password. To Reset OS Admin or Security Password Step 1. From Vsphere client, login to CUCM console through this username and passowrd: pwrecovery/pwreset. You get screen, as shown in the image:                              …

Change CUCM OS Admin & Security Password

This blog describes how to change OS admin password and security password. To Change OS Admin Password admin> set password user admin It asks you to enter the old password and new password. Once the system verifies the password, it is changed. To Change Security Password admin> set password user security It asks you to enter…

Adding an OS admin user

This post is regarding how to add a new Os admin user and what privilege these users can be given. Command to create a new OS admin users set account name NEWUSERName User Privilege The privilege level can be 0 or 1 for the new user, it can not have the same privilege level as…


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