Show tech-support confidential

Have you ever thought of hiding sensitive information’s when sharing a show tech files? Form Cisco IOS XE Amsterdam 17.3.x with show tech-support, Cisco introduced a keyword confidential which hide sensitive information.. show tech-support confidential : The confidential keyword was introduced, to mask sensitive information in the output of show tech-support command When using show…

SQL Query to list the Enduser, Controlled Devices,Extension Number & the device Type

The below SQL Query can be used to pull the details of Enduser-ID, controlled devices , their DN and the device Type. Tables used.  Device – This table contains device-level information like IP Phones and gateways. NumPlan – This table contains information about all patterns configured in CUCM. DeviceNumPlanMap – This table contains the mapping between data in…

SQL Query to list Enduser and controlled devices

Use below SQL query to List User-ID and controlled devices. Tables used. Device – This table contains device-level information like IP Phones and gateways.Enduser – This table contains information about all Enduser in CUCM.Enduserdevicemap – This table contains the mapping between data in Enduser table and Device table. Sql Queries. run sql select enduser.userid, from enduser, enduserdevicemap,device…

Flex 3 Licenses

Flex license is still a confusing topic for may of us . Question like, How to compare with old license, Which license are included with NU, Which license to choose when selecting a 78XX phone model , what are the benefits of each license type etc.. Today blog is all about the Flex 3 license….

Cisco Collaboration SaaS NFR

Being a Cisco Collaboration Partner, dont forget to make use of the SaaS NFR promotion. If you are using any third party meeting solution move to Webex using SaaS promotion. Show the capabilities of Webex to your customer. Being a Level1 partner we recently placed order for $125K worth of Webex License for 0$. What…

SQL Query to pull device details with CSS from CUCM

The beauty of sql query is that you can pull custom information from CUCM. Which is useful when preparing document and sharing details with your customer. In this blog I share Three SQL queries. The first one to pull the device MAC address with Dn in the order of DN. Second one to pull the…

CUCM Phone Migration Feature

From CUCM versions 11.5 SU 8, 12.5 SU 3, 14 Cisco introduced a feature called Phone migrations. The Phone Migration feature is an easy and intuitive Cisco IP Phone migration solution native to Unified Communications Manager. It minimizes the cost and complexity of replacing deprecated or faulty phones. Phone Migration Supports below three options. Using…

Things I learned from 1 Gbps Home internet Customer

Few Days back I was working with a customer who subscribed 1Gbps Home Internet connection. He called us to investigate the network devices and make sure that 1 Gbps is available over the LAN. I Visited the customer with my 4 years old Dell laptop which has a Lan port of 1G speed. Even though…

A- Flex Licenses are Agnostic

Cisco released EOL for perpetual License and now everything is Flex. With the Flex licensing ,Cisco removed the License versions locks. Means, you can use your flex license with any versions. But there are few points which you need to keep in mind. We recently purchased 26 flex license for our Lab CUCM and we…


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